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lunes, 25 de febrero de 2019

Our Erasmus students informing about No Cars Day in the town centre

IES Al-Ándalus students and LIS students did really well providing the citizens with basic information about No Cars Day dated for 14th February. Moreover, two days before that special and eco-friendly celebration LIS students together with 4 ESO enjoyed a treasure hunt, a visit to the Aquarium to learn about marine life in the tropical coast and they also got in Lorosexi Park to watch at those birds which people take care of at this famous openair park. It was a busy morning!

Here you have some pictures of those school trips and how students informed those citizens who were around the town centre about No Cars Day! Congratulations!
Viewpoint in Lorosexi Park
Girls with flyers about No Car Day
Students explaining the reasons for No Cars Day
Citizens asking questions about No Cars Day to our students

Boys showing our No Cars Day poster
Jose, Cecilia, Vanesa and Marina

domingo, 17 de febrero de 2019

Aula del Mar workshop

How to help a dolphing
Fishing methods
fossils exibihition and talk about marine animals
Last Wednesday February 13th, our Erasmus students from Germany and 3º ESO students attended a talk and a workshop about marine life. Two experts came to the high school to explain the different kinds of fishing methods, the sea animals in the red list, how to help them, the harmful consequences of sea pollution, the consequences of global warming for them, so on and so forth.
Some fossils and dissected animals were shown as part of this talk and all students were given leaflets and loads of information to keep our sealife safe and plastic free.
Marina Morales Bailén

martes, 12 de febrero de 2019

Comics creation and walk along tropical crops of Finca El Zahorí

Our first Al-Andalus High School day and our complementary activities in the Erasmus KA229 project
Last Monday, February 11th, LIS students and teachers were welcomed at Al-Ándalus High School. After the headmaster Javier's welcoming words, LIS students and teachers enjoyed a tour prepared by the youngest Year 1 students who were really excited about meeting German students and showing them the whole school.
After that, LIS students and their teachers, Spanish host students and Cecilia together with the Maths teacher Antonio went to Finca El Zahorí to visit the tropical crops and receiving all kind of explanations about how the weather conditions affect them.
Finca El Zahorí
Finca el Zahorí
Year 4 students drawing a comic
While they were on that school trip, Year 4 students stayed at the school creating comics about Global Warming and Climate Change with the local comic artist Juanfran and the English teachers Mister Martínez and Miss Morales.
Year 4 students creating a comic about Global Warming
 Cecilia and Marina

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2019

Welcome to Almuñécar! Erasmus+

  LIS students + Al-Ándalus Students = Erasmus+ experience!
Last Saturday evening Leipzig International School students landed  at Málaga Airport and arrived at Almuñécar Bus Station where they first met their host Al-Ándalus students and families. It was such an engaging experience to see how they met each other.
After their rest, all Erasmus students and their teachers Gwen, Ángel and Cecilia had "churros con chocolate" as a big breakfast and, after that, walked through a beautiful path from Almuñécar to La Herradura. During the walk, they chatted, got to know better and enjoyed the astonishing views of the tropical seaside.

Night night! Tomorrow LIS students and teachers will visit IES Al-Ándalus for the first time!!

LIS students + Al-Ándalus Students = Erasmus+ experience!

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2019

Playa Patrol in IES Al-Ándalus

PLAYA PATROL explained the MARNOBA APP to Marina's students in Year 4 at IES Al-Andalus last Thursday January 31st. They are  going to be the Team Captains for those students who participate in a beach clean up video competition for 500 students from ten schools in Almuñécar on February 14th.This is one of the activities organised for the Erasmus+: Freshwater Shortage! Warning!
These students have learnt how to sort plastic collected from the beach and how to catalogue it for a plastic research video project with a live demo with Marnoba App.
Marina Morales Bailén

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2019

Talks about Global Warming in other schools

IES Al-Ándalus Students giving a talk about Global Warming in another school.
IES Al-Ándalus students have given talks about the Global Warming in other Primary Schools and High Schools in Almuñécar for two weeks. Their aim is to encourage young citizens to recycle, reuse and reduce the amount of garbage and electricity.
Our students are proud of being the speakmen and speakerwomen of such a relevant current necessity and their effort has been also spread in the local newspaper as you can observe.


Cecilia, Jose, Vanesa y Marina

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