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viernes, 5 de abril de 2019

A welcoming meeting at LIS

Our first day at Leipzig International School
Early and bright, Al-Ándalus students were given a lift by their host families to arrive at LIS School where Al-Ándalus teachers together with the LIS teacher Mister Antoranz were waiting for them. Once all students came in the Music Room (012), there was a warming welcoming talk by the Head of School David Smith followed by greeting words by the LIS Commercial Director Thomas Pessara.
Listening to David Smith's talk
Thomas Pessara's introduction

Secondly,  Mister Antoranz provided Al-Ándalus students with a complete timetable and updated information to take into account for the different activities. Then, school rules were explained in detail by two outstanding LIS students.
Time schedule
Mister Antoranz´s explanation
LIS students explaning school rules
After that, an engaging German lesson took place and it was perfectly led by three hardworking LIS students. Greetings, numbers, and useful expressions to interact in German were taught in a great dynamic way. Finally, Al-Ándalus students together with LIS students attended lessons as normal.
German lessons
Practising numbers in German
Practising words and expressions in German
What a welcoming day we have experienced! Thanks! Danke!
Vanesa, Jose and Marina

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