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lunes, 25 de enero de 2021


On November 2019 IES Al Ándalus came back to Leipzig as part of the Erasmus+ exchange 

programme. Although when the project was submitted to the respective national agencies we planned

only to carry out two exchanges. However, back in November 2018 we decided to extend the number 

of  mobilities to benefit a larger number of students. This decision was based on the very good 

understanding and support provided by the two schools and, of course, after having the approval of the 


Konferenz. Like back in April the Spanish students attended a series of activities aimed to create the

relationships between our students and, on the other hand, to develop their awareness and

knowledge of the environmental issues around which our project was based on.

On top of this, we took this visit to develop the ties between our two schools. The headmasters of the

two schools met and shared opinions, ideas and impressions about the programme. These concepts

were shared in a working group formed by teachers from both schools, administrative staff and a parent.

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