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jueves, 11 de abril de 2019

Science experiments at LIS lab and visit to BMW factory

Our Science Lab lessons and our visit to BMW factory: what a great day! 
Our last Wednesday in Leipzig was extremely fun! Following the week schedule we started our first three periods in Science lessons. For these, we were slipt into two groups, one group was taught by Mr. Brunet at a Science lab whereas the other group were led to Mr. Lewis' laboratory. Both teachers are part of the department of Biology and Chemistry at LIS.
Once there, we have worked with enzymes and analysed the speeds of reaction. But apart from this, an extra activity took place which was to experience fire on our own hands!
After these three interesting periods of lesson, we hopped on the tram and later a bus drove us to the most relevent BMW factory in Germany. There we were guided around the whole factory having a look at the different stages in the process of producing cars of this well-known prestigiuos brand. 
Therefore, we were amazed with the technological development of this production chain. We really liked the monitored high-tech robots! In addition, we learnt about the sustainability in the production of these BMW means of transport. Not only are materials reused and recycled, but also electricity for the whole bank factory is generated by the wind turbines and solar pannels. The most exciting part of this visit was to jump into a modern BMW and feel so comfortable in it!!
Finally, we arrived at LIS a bit tired to meet our German hosters after lessons and we enjoyed a tasty cake party and coffee time at the LIS canteen!
Vanesa, Marina y Jose.

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