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lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

Lake Cospuden on bike!

Riding bikes to pay a visit to Lake Cospuden and doing fieldwork tasks
This Monday has been an unforgettable day at Leipzig International School. After periods of lessons, Mr. Antoranz and Mrs. Brunet had planned a visit to Lake Cospuden in the outskirts of the city of Leipzig. We rode a bike to reach this beatiful place and we also enjoyed a lovely spring weather.
Once there, the point of the tasks in hand was to learn about the importance of this water source and the current quality of leisure and recreation of this area. Needless to say that it makes an impact in the areas around this lake concerning animals, vegetation and their natural habitat. 
In this vein, this activity aims to make our students be concerned with the negative consequences of touristic and amusing activities in natural areas such as artificial constructions and the loss of appropriate habitats for vegetation and animal beings. However, solutions such as recycling bins, hike and bike paths, reliable public tranportation, designated beaches and protected spaces for animals and plants do help to support this environment and save this area from pollution and negative effects on its nature.
As a result, our students have learnt to use an anemometer and a compass to record the wind speed, direction and temperature to study the features of this lake. Consequently, they have also confirmed that we must save our planet from pollution, human recreation and constructions since pavements, restaurants, parkings, etc. are a great deal of damage to the natural environment.
Let's save our planet!
Erasmus+: Freshwater shortage! Warning!
 Jose, Vanesa and Marina

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