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martes, 9 de abril de 2019

Visit to Rosental wastewater treatment plant

A school trip to a German Water Treatment Plant 
This cloudy Tuesday of April has been an experience of enrichment concerning water studies as part of our Erasmus KA229 Freshwater Shortage! Warning! Once we left LIS school, we took the tram to travel from Leipzig, hopped off for a refreshing walk along a forest path and got in Rosental Water Treatment Plant. There, we have learnt the whole process of wastewater cleaning and treatment.
Wasserwerk Rosental is one of the most important wastewater treatment plants in Saxony. There, more than 100.000 cubic metres of wastewater have been treated everyday since 1894. Certainly, our students have had an interesting chance of visiting it in a guided tour by one of its most relevant experts who has been in charge of telling them the whole process. We must not forget to thank Valentin and Helen (two of our German hosters) who have translated the information from German into English. What a hardworking task! Danke schön!
Firstly, they have visited all the machinery developed as the tool for treating the residual water coming from the city until its treatment with biological and chemical products. After that cleaning process, they have observed the clean and purified freshwater obtained as a final product and how it returns to the city suppliers. 
It has been a fruitful and useful activity to learn how residual water turns into clean drinkable freshwater. They have also revised previous knowledge such as water cycle, water pollution and its effect for the whole planet. They have also thought of the waste of freshwater not only in public places but also in our private lives at home. As a resut, they have become more aware of the good use we MUST make of freshwater in our cities and in the whole planet. 
Freshwater shortage! Warning! 
 Vanesa, Jose y Marina

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